Pachyderm Profile: If At First You Don't Succeed...

The process of creating something teaches lessons if one is open to such things. As long as you realize that there is always something new to learn, skills can evolve and hopefully improve. I think it drives the people who know me a little crazy, but I will often start from scratch on a task I've completed previously because I think I can do better.

Basically I'm telling you that if my wrinkly friend up there looks familiar to you, it's probably because you are a regular reader of this blog.

In my post "Elephant Profile" Deconstructed, I went through the steps I took to take this original shot from this... this...

And I guess that was fine. It was "better" and I learned some things, but I was never 100% happy with the results.

I've been working a lot in black and white lately. I find that where interesting textures are concerned, it has a greater impact.

In the end I've taken two paths looking to "tell a story" from a pretty lackluster beginning.

I think I've hit much closer to the mark this time. Although I can't guarantee that I won't take another shot someday.

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