CollectionDX: More Than Just Toy Reviews

I meant to write this two months ago when this package from CollectionDX arrived. Unfortunately, that's also when two palettes of bamboo flooring arrived and that's kept me busy ever since. Until today when, in getting things finally put back in order, I uncovered these goodies from Josh Bernard and Adam Paulauski.

This schwag was some of the rewards from an Indigogo campaign the guys ran to fun the Spring 2013 season of their show, a podcast that brings you "the very best in news and information from the world of Japanese toys, action figures, and pop culture." Which is right up my alley.

But that's not why I funded the campaign.

I know Adam from various online pursuits and you'd be hard pressed to find a nicer guy. To be able to help him and Josh out was a privilege.

Just to show how cool they are, one of the rewards is a custom hand-drawn sketch. When the project was successfully funded, Adam asked me what I'd like my sketch to be and my response was, "Anything will be just fine." What I got was a mecha with a camera for a head. Which, if you follow my blog, realize that it's absolutely perfect for me.

So today I'm wearing this shirt and I'll wear it proudly in the future.

Thanks, guys!

Visit the CollectionDX site and follow the links there to the podcast.