Pocket Casts Update!

After having getten hooked on Downcast on iOS, I've been looking for a similar podcast app experience on Android. The previous version of Pocket Casts was the closest I had found that was architected in such a way that I felt there was the potential for future updates to bring about the features I'd been accustomed to.

For once I was right. This new version (4.0) brings us sync, sharing, smart playlists, larger touch areas for controlling during playback, "instant" refresh and playback while downloading.

Wrap that all in a Holo skin and it's chock full o' goodness.

One thing that always bugged me was how the video would pause when changing display orientation. Well, no more. Playback seems smoother than ever.

What's the catch? Well the price went up from 2.99 to 3.99. Which is still a deal in my book, but may keep many of you who are perfectly happy with what you've got from switching. (Nothing wrong with that!)

Read more about it at Shifty Jelly.