Bake Me A Wish Review

For Valentine's Day I thought I'd order a cake for my wife. I'd heard of Bake Me A Wish through my favorite comic book podcast who they sponsor. Their tiramisu cake would be the perfect choice.

Since many of you may be hesitant to order a cake online or are curious about what to expect, here are some unboxing photos.

I was gratified to find this box on my doorstep on exactly the day I requested (February 13th). It seems to have seen some rougher-than-I'd-like treatment. Note that on every side you see the notice that the box contains a perishable item and arrows pointing out the correct box orientation.

Inside you will find a solid styrofoam inner-container.

Popping the lid off reveals a very chilly ice pack.

Removal of the ice pack reveals the cake box inside with a handy ribbon strung beneath the box to make it a simple task to life the box straight out of the cooler.

Et voilĂ !

The cake is well packaged within the box (and still quit chilled as you can see). However, because someone either doesn't recognize the sanctity of a "this side up" message or as the result of some cataclysm beyond a mere mortal's control, the box must have achieved a down side up orientation at one point during its long voyage. This is evidenced by the amount of sugary goodness sticking to the underside of the plastic wrapping.

It wasn't in perfect condition, but one can hardly blame Bake Me A Wish for the rough handling of its baked goods. Overall it was still in decent shape.

How did it taste? It was most excellent. There are very few places in this town to get a good tiramisu. This is a pretty good option.

I'll definitely order another cake from BMaW again in the future. It's super easy, reliable, reasonable and delicious.