Comics Stash: December 26, 2012

I'm changing up the format of these comics posts since my Blogger dynamic theme was buggered up. (Not by me!) Thus the new look around here. 'Nuff said.

My mini-reviews of comics released on December 26, 2012.

Amazing Spider-Man
4 stars
Dan Slott
Humberto Ramos

You've probably read more than you care to on this issue. Before it came out. After it came out. I don't feel the need to pile on. The destination was as expected, but the journey was handled well.

I'm really looking forward to Spectacular Spider-Man #1.

3 stars
Geoff Johns
Paul Pelletier

The more they build up Arthur's character and backstory, the more I like it. That he feels as if he is being portrayed on the same level as DC's Trinity of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman speaks volumes.

Plus a cliffhanger!

Avenging Spider-Man
4 stars
Chris Yost
Paco Medina

I'm enjoying Doc Ock's take on what it means to be Spider-Man and that probably puts me in the minority. This issue is a pretty good pivot point between Amazing Spider-Man #700 and Spectacular Spider-Man #1.

New Avengers
3 stars
Jonathan Hickman
Steve Epting

It seems that all of the elements for a story I will like are there, but right now I have no idea what's going on. I suspect that's by design.

Not so sure about this secret superhero group that I'm assuming are the Illuminati?

My puzzler hurts.

Night Owl
3 stars
J Michael Straczynski
Andy Kubert

A pretty "meh" issue for me and I'm glad the run is over. It's gets three bananas on the strength of Andy Kubert's art.