Tweetbot For Mac and Revoking Twitter Access

Tweetbot has been a well regarded Twitter app for iOS for quite some time. In my opinion it is the premiere Twitter experience for that platform. In fact, in my recent post regarding jumping into the Android pool I lamented that I could not find its equal there. And while there are a number of very good free Twitter clients for iOS, I liked Tweetbot so much that I was willing to pay the $3 for it.

Short version? I'm a fan.

I've been using the alpha/beta versions of Tweetbot for the Mac and looking forward to the final release, sure that I would once again be willing to pay for a quality application.

Today is the day it was released to the Mac App store at a cost of $20. I understand the reasons behind the decision to set the price there. Part of the reason is that Twitter only allows a certain number of client access tokens. In general it's a matter of supply versus demand. Likely this will generate quite a bit of discussion over the next few days.

Not here, however.

As I said, I'm a fan. However, I'm not that big a fan. $20 is a bit steep for me. It may be too steep for you also. If it is and you had one of the alpha/beta builds installed, you could just drag the application to the trash and call it a day. Or you could revoke access and put that client token back into the pool to be used by someone willing to pay a premium price for premium software.

This is what you need to do.

Go to your Twitter account's settings and select the Apps option (or just click here). It should look a little something like this.

Find the Tweetbot application in the list. It looks like this:
Click the "Revoke access" button for the app.

That's it.

Of course, while you are in there, you should probably take the opportunity to review all of the things you may have given access to over the years. I would bet that most of you are not using all of the applications that currently have access or even remember what half of them were. Clean that stuff up.

So good luck to the folks at Tapbots. I hope this is a successful release for them and I will continue to  enjoy using Tweetbot on my iPads.