Cow Lick

Having been way too busy lately to go out and shoot new photographs, I continue to dive into the archives for photos that seemed like a good idea at the time but needed just a bit more TLC than I had time for. This was one of those photos.

This was taken on a hot day in May of 2010 at the Memphis Zoo. I thought that a mother giraffe grooming her calf would be a cute shot. It was, but I was off on the exposure.

Note: Haste makes waste. I'm always trying to get out of the way of others when I'm shooting in a  public place so I tend to rush. Don't do that.

Fortunately, I was able to pull in some detail in the overexposed areas and then art things up to get rid of the ugly background. By "ugly" I mean "non-natural". I love zoos. There are many photo opportunities there. However, I really like to make it less obvious that these are animals in captivity. (Or that I'm not actually on safari.)

As always, here is the obligatory before & after comparison.

I'm pretty pleased with the results.

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