Add Label-Based Pages to Blogger Blogs

A friend of mine asked me a question the other day regarding how to create pages within your Blogger blogs (can that be more awkwardly said?) that will gather posts tagged with a particular label. This is not at all difficult to accomplish.

Step 1: Label Your Posts

For the anal retentive, OCD folk like myself, this goes without saying. I probably go a little overboard in marking a post with single word descriptors of what each article is about. Here is what this post's label looks like:

I like to be as descriptive as possible because I may need that information some day. (Hey! You don't know. I just might!) At some point I might look at a breakdown of all my labels and realize that I've reached a critical mass of "how-to" posts and decide that I want to create a section of my blog that aggregates all of those articles by listing them on a single page.

Which brings us to...

Step 2: Create a Page

In your blog's settings select the Pages option for your blog. Click the "New page" button and then select "Web address".

You will then be presented with a simple form that asks for the name of the new page as well as its address.

The page title can be whatever makes sense to you. Let's just say that you want to create a "How-To" area for your blog and enter that as the title.

Now in the Web address field enter the URL for your blog and then append /search/label/<YourLabel>. So for the sake of our example we would entere "".

That's all there is to it!


Gotcha #1: Capitalization

The case of the label you use to tag your posts needs to be what you enter in the Web address. I've been labeling posts with a capitalized "How-To" rather than "how-to". So "" works while "" does not.

Gotcha #2: Spaces And Other Characters

You may have elected to use labels that include spaces or other special characters. These characters need to be URL encoded. (Read more about URL encoding here.)

If I wanted a page that gathered up all of my New York posts, the Web address I would use is "". Note that I replaced the space between "New" and "York" with a "%20".