Silent Silo Sentinels

I like driving around and looking at scenery. I like riding around while someone else drives around because I can snap away with the camera. I probably could take pictures while I was driving, but I suspect that would be frowned upon by many people.

So I'm riding shotgun in my parents' van while I'm visiting them for Thanksgiving in good, ol' Lancaster, PA. It's the end of November. Cold. Rainy. No way I'm riding with the window down. I also turned down offers to stop the vehicle for photo ops. It's no wonder that the photos I took during this ride were less than stellar.

Fortunately, because they were so bad they had nowhere to go but up! Almost as a personal challenge, I picked a semi-interesting photo from the set and started to toy around. What you see below is the progression.

The first thing I did was to adjust levels in Lightroom and create some additional exposures. These got pulled into Photomatix and processed to bring out as much detail as possible.

The Photoshop work pumped up colors, adjusted levels and I attempted to create a bit more dimensionality to all of the silos. I also did not care for the bare corn field in the foreground so I cloned some grass and applied a lens blur for depth and blending.

Not quite a lemons to lemonade transformation, but passable. Maybe a lemons to lemon-flavored sugar water?