Retina iPad Backgrounds

I got a new iPad this past Friday and the retina display is a-maz-ing. Of course, I had skipped the iPad 2 so going from first to third generation is both quite a jump and worth the upgrade. If you have an iPad 2 then your decision to move up is much more difficult.

For the record, I ended up with the 32GB iPad, black with Verizon LTE. (Not that I can enjoy the LTE speeds since Paducah isn't currently covered, but I expected that.)

At any rate, I noticed that there was not a huge selection of retina display ready background images out there so I figured I would put together a collection of my own. If you're looking to customize your new toy with some high resolution artwork, click one of the links below to be taken to either my Flickr set or my Google+ album where you can download a 2048x2048 resolution file.

Flickr Set - iPad Backgrounds (Retina)
Google+ Album - Retina iPad Backgrounds