N.Y.C. Escher

Still trickling out photos from my trip to New York last October. I suspect that this one likely won't appeal to many people. I don't know. I guess it's because I really can't articulate why it appeals to me.

What I like about it is the lines. You've got the pattern of the bricks for one. Then the boxes created by the landings with all of them connected by stairs and ladders. The light on the wall is reflected from the windows of the building next door and that adds a weird texture to the scene. Then there are oddities. The satellite dish is an element that seems out of place. The fact that the lower door on the wall is actually about 4 or 5 stories off the ground is also interesting. With that in mind, the bit of rooftop that we see in the bottom, left-hand corner is about 6 or 7 stories up and yet there is a regular folding ladder being stored there.

Again, maybe it's just me. ;)