Award Winning Local Business: Etcetera Coffeehouse

OK. A confession right off the bat. There is no award.

But if there were an award then Etcetera Coffeehouse would surely be a contender for it and likely walk away with the trophy/certificate/cash prize/whatever other proof that a contest would present to the best and brightest in a given field.

One of the advantages of living in a relatively small town like Paducah, KY is that it's easy to become a regular at many local business establishments. I've been lucky enough to live in many different places and while there are pros and cons to the big city life as well as small town living, one thing I have always enjoyed regardless of the size of the area are the businesses where the people who work there recognize you on some level when you walk in.

My friends and I frequent Etcetera. Typically on a Saturday night after we've gathered for a meal and before we settle in for an evening of video games. It's one of the few places in town where you can get a decent cup of coffee. They specialize in "bubble teas" which I've never been interested enough in (read "brave enough") to try. They also make a killer dirty chai which has been my drink of choice of late. Throw in custom recipes by each of the staff and walls covered in works from local artists and you really get a feeling that this is a place that cares about more than just throwing some coffee beans in hot water and shoving you out the door.

Imagine my surprise when, during last night's visit, we are each handed one of these:

Now what kind of business hands out Christmas cards to their customers? All I ask from a business is to get reasonable service and decent product. I don't expect any more than that. If you meet that minimum requirement, you pretty much get me as a loyal customer.

Give me a Christmas card on top of all that? Well, I don't know what that gets you in return. I do know that an imaginary award mention in a not particularly wide-read blog just doesn't seem like a lot.

But it's a start.

If you're in Paducah, KY and looking for a place to relax with a hot (or cold) drink then you should head downtown and give them a try.

Tell them that Saturday Night Dude #4 sent you.