Uploading High Resolution Images to Google+

I'm trying something new here. I thought I would try my hand at a "how-to" video. This means I ended up doing things that I don't normally do and using tools that I don't normally use. Bear that in mind as you watch.

So here is the problem. I want to provide 2560x1600 resolution images to people who want to download some of my work via Google+. However, if you upload an image either through Google+ or through Picasa Web, the resulting file gets resized so that the longest size is no more than 2048 pixels long. That just will not do.

The trick is to use Picasa (the actual application client; not Picasa Web).

If that's all the information you needed, then carry on. No need to watch 15 minutes of my ramblings. But if you would like to see the steps involved, just hit play.

If you have comments or questions, the related Google+ post can be found here.