Liberty Island Pier - Desktop Background

Liberty Island Pier by Thomas Gehrke
Liberty Island Pier, a photo by Thomas Gehrke on Flickr.
It's really interesting the things that resonate with different people. There are photos that I take and images that I create that I just love, but that don't seem to get much more than a second glance from most people. Then there are photos that I don't find particularly compelling, but for whatever reason, get a decent response from others.

This is an example of one of the latter.

There are aspects that I like. The lines of the pier, the clouds and the seagull coming in for a landing, for instance. But I do wish that I'd composed the shot a little differently and that they had built the pier to it aimed a little more to the left. (I know. I tend toward the ridiculous, on occasion.)

Vital Stats:

- 3 exposure HDR (-2ev,0ev,+2ev)
- Photomatix 4.1.1
- Photoshop CS5

Feel free to grab the 2560x1600 image from Flickr and let me know what you think by finding me either on Twitter or Google+.