Sky Mosaic

Sky Mosaic by Thomas Gehrke
Sky Mosaic, a photo by Thomas Gehrke on Flickr.
A three exposure HDR photo of 17 State Street in New York City.

When sightseeing in a very well known area, camera in hand, sometimes I get a little discouraged. I mean, come on. Every picture has been taken from every angle imaginable. How do you do what someone else has done before you and make it all your own?

I don't really know the answer to that question. You just kind of do what you do and if people like it (and, more importantly, if you like it) that's all you can hope for.

Now one thing I do find comfort in is shots like this one. Granted, it's not the most inspired in terms of angles and perspective. But you know what? On that day and at that particular time, the clouds were just so and that created a pattern on the skyscraper that will never be the same ever again for anyone else. That makes it unique and it makes it mine.

And I like it.