Blogger Dynamic Views: Jumping In With Both Feet

Within minutes of tweeting out my previous blog post about a couple nits I had with the new Dynamic Views in Blogger, I got a response from Antin Harasymiv who is a software engineer at Blogger. He was incredibly nice and instructive. (Thanks, Antin!)

Regarding the issue with search that I noted:
While I really like the "live" search box (blog posts are filtered as you enter your search terms), not all of my posts show up. I would assume that if I can get a hit via Google by using "<search term>", that I should also get a hit when I enter just "<search term>" from the search on my Blogger site. This is not the case.
This is apparently a known issue and it's being looked at. Since this probably is only an issue for me (most people find my blog from Bing, Yahoo! or Google itself), this isn't a show-stopper for me.

As far as my second gripe goes:
Posts show month and day, but not the year. This is a pet peeve of mine. Content without an obvious time stamp loses context. Consider a technical article that describes the fix for a problem. Without a date context, you don't know if the fix is still applicable or not. You don't even know if the problem described is the same as the problem you are having even if they sound very similar.
Antin told me that if you hover over the date ribbon, you get a time description relative to the current date. So that would be something like "13 hours ago", "2 weeks ago" or the year if it was prior to the current.

It's not as obvious as I would like and other views like Sidebar are still without date context since they don't display the ribbon (if I find out differently, I'll update this post), but I'm OK with that for now.

So, as I'm sure you've noticed by now, I made the switch. Let me know what you think.