Hanging In There

Hanging In There by Thomas Gehrke
Hanging In There, a photo by Thomas Gehrke on Flickr.

While carrying groceries up the stairs, I walked by my front door. The door has windows on each side. I was well past the door and half way to the kitchen when I though, "Hey... That looked a lot like a very small praying mantis hovering upside-down right outside." After putting down my bags, I went back for a second look.

I was right.

Although "hovering" is not entirely accurate. The little guy was stuck in a spider web. Since he wasn't going anywhere anytime soon, I went for my camera and started snapping away. As you can see, I don't think he appreciated this by the way he is eye-balling me.

Or maybe that should be eye-stalking?

At any rate, I took a few pictures and then let him go. Half-eaten insects are really not a great way to welcome visitors to my front door.