Quitting the Un-Quittable iTunes

While installing Xcode 4.1 tonight and the installer paused and instructed me to quit iTunes.

So I did.

I thought.

I restarted iTunes and quit it again.

You know... just to be sure.

Xcode just looked at me like I was stupid.

So I restarted iTunes and Force Quitted it.


(That was not a Star Wars reference.)

Xcode was laughing at me then.

So I started Activity Monitor. It's in the Applications/Utilities folder. Or you can type "Activity Monitor" into Spotlight which is what I usually do.

AHA! There is an iTunesHelper process. I quite that and a split-second later, Xcode finished its business.

Just a cautionary tale in case some of you have the same problem and hit The Googles looking for answers.