I'm Such A Card: An About.me and Moo.com Review

A few weeks ago I got an email from About.me, with an offer for free business cards. For those who don't know, about.me is a site with one very simple goal; to give everyone a very quick and easy way to centralize all of those links to various sites and services that, in toto, paint a picture of who we are online. I set my About.me page up just as soon as they started allowing us non-celebrity types play (but before they were bought by Aol).

Now why would I want such a thing when I have a personal blog, site, Facebook, Twitter, whatever? Simply because it is so very easy. Find a picture, write up a short description of yourself and set up the links to each of the services and sites where people can find out more about you.

It is, essentially, a very comprehensive business card. Which is, I suspect, why they have teamed up with MOO.com to bring your digital business card back into the real world.

I went from thinking this was a neat idea, to asking myself why I would want or even need such a thing. But the price point won me over (actually $5.50 with shipping) and I pulled the trigger.

Honestly, I was expecting to get what I paid for and ended up getting more. Even taking all of the basic options and the moo.com bar at the bottom of the card (which can be removed for a price), these cards are nice. The stock is nice and heavy. The printing is well done. The colors are great (matte finish). The QR code that represents the URL to your About.me site is the pièce de résistance.

My only real regret is that they are actually too nice to give to my small circle of friends and since I have few opportunities to hand them to new acquaintances, the fifty (50) cards I got will last forever.