Throwing the eBook At Apple

I love Apple and their products, but come on, guys.

So here's the deal. I was curious to know whether there were any books on iOS development using Xcode 4 available now or sometime in the near future. So I go to Amazon and search for Xcode 4 and don't find much there. Not surprising given that Xcode 4 was only very recently released to the public.

Then it hits me. Why did I immediately go to Amazon when Apple has their own book store? I'm looking for a book on Apple development using Apple products. Feeling a bit silly, I switch over to iTunes, throw "Xcode 4" in the search box and... nothing.

Oh! I'm sure it's because it's too soon. Let me search for just "xcode". Aha! Um...


Wait. Can I do book searches from within iTunes? It sure seems like I should be able to. There is a section for Books in the results (empty as it might be). I can manage my books in iTunes (it's right there in the Library). I'll try it from the iPad!

Four books? Really?

Well let me go back to Amazon and do the same search there now. And I will only list Kindle books to be fair.

Forty-one (41) books. Ten times what the iBookstore offers. And Amazon is a little to a lot less expensive. Half of the Apple books have not even gotten enough reviews for them to offer to show a rating.

I have no idea who is to blame here. Maybe it's all on the publishers. Or maybe iBooks is just a hobby. All I know is that even with what amounts to a prime shopping spot in the mall of the Apple ecosystem, I'm walking right by the iBookstore, without even noticing that it's there. Instead I am going straight to the Amazon bookstore MegaMart. It may not be as pretty and polished and I might have to trade in any feelings of superiority I might have from shopping at such an ... exclusive ... establishment, but I can find what I want at the other store and the overall experience is far superior!

Step it up, Apple! If you're serious about this piece of your world (using "ecosystem" twice in one post would just be way too pretentious, in my opinion) then something has got to change soon.