PvP Awesomology Awesomeness

If you don't know what Player vs Player is, then you are missing out on one of the best webcomics on the Internet today. Scott Kurtz, the artist, tweeted last week to remind people about the PvP Online Store. I have enjoyed his work for years and thought I should show my support in some way.

Now don't think that I'm being completely selfless here. I definitely wanted to get my hands on some PvP goodness. And when the box showed up today, boy was I surprised! I ordered the PvP Awesomology and I did not realize just how awesome it really was. The thing is huge and weighs a ton. For the sake of comparison, it's just about Xbox 360 size.

So if you're a fan of PvP and want to contribute to the future of webcomics then show Scott some love.