Remote Desktop Connection Manager Is A SysAdmin's Friend

If you work as a system administrator in an area with more than a handful of Microsoft Windows based machines (workstations or servers), you will no doubt spend some time establishing remote desktop sessions with them.  The more machines you have to manage, the crazier things get.  Several months back I came across a free Microsoft tool that really helps get things under control.

Remote Desktop Connection Manager is small and deceptively simple. If it were only good for organizing all of your remote desktops, it would come in handy, but it has a few more tricks up its sleeve.

Core to the interface are the concepts of grouping and inheritance. By targeting a group, you can do nifty things such as logging into all of the desktops in that group at once (assuming they accept the same credentials). This is great for managing server farms.

By selecting a group, you will be shown live and interactive thumbnails for each session. "Live" means that each window is being updated to reflect what is happening on a particular machine. "Interactive" means that mouse clicks and keypresses will be passed along to the selected sessions. This can be dangerous, but consider a situation where you are manually installing software on a large number of machines at once. Not only can you monitor the progress on each, but you can also deal with message dialogs, press "Next" buttons, etc.

And finally, you can apply properties to groups as well as individual connections. Pretty much all of your typical RDC options can be defined at various levels. They will be inherited down the tree, unless you opt to adjust them at a lower level.

Your mileage may vary, but as I said previously, it's simple, easy and free.

Grab it here