Apple "Screws" iPhone 4 Owners And I Don't Care

I just cannot believe the amount of time people have spent complaining about Apple changing a couple of Philips head screws to "pentalobe" screws. This looked to be the big tech story of the day until Eric Schmidt stepped down as Google's CEO. Maybe I'm missing the big picture, but my initial reaction was simply, "Who cares?"

And I haven't changed my mind. 

I see all of the usual words applied to corporations nowadays. Diabolical. Evil. And so on. Ridiculous is what I say.

Of the tens of millions of iPhone 4s sold (one of them to me), I wonder what percentage of people have had the desire and nerve to open them up. I wonder what percentage of that group had any business attempting such a thing in the first place. Then I wonder how much time Apple employees and certified technicians have spent trying to resolve issues unnecessarily created by these people.

Yes, yes. We bought our phones so we own them and it's our right to destroy them if we want. It's also Apple's right to protect their interests. That line doesn't always get drawn where I would like, but if you follow tech blogs and pundits, you would think Apple had started selling leather cases made from the pelts of baby seals for these things.

Some quotes:
...they're replacing the iPhone 4's Philips screws with weird new ones for which no screwdriver exists.
Really? No screwdrivers exist? Or are they just hard to find and expensive to buy? Subtle difference.
Apple's effectively making it impossible for you to open up your iPhone.
Yet they follow that up with a video from iFixit where they talk about a "Liberation kit" that allows you to do just that.

Another sticking point is that Apple swaps these screws out when you've taken your phone in for a repair. Just how likely is it that someone both interested in, courageous enough to and knowledgable about opening up their phone will take it in to an Apple store to get it worked on?

Let's be reasonable. If you really want to get into your phone, you will find a way. And if you are particularly entrepreneurial, you will create a "liberation kit" to make a little money in the process. Although I hope nobody is making a profit from these things. Benefitting from what is being painted as some sort of rights violation would just be... evil.