Incredible DC Universe Online Trailer

You have got to see this. If you are a comic book fan (as I am) or have an interest in MMOs (as I do) then this might be right up your alley. I totally geeked out watching it.

Follow the link below and enjoy!

DC Universe: The Source

Safari Extensions Gallery

It's finally here! An "official" extensions gallery for Safari!

It's getting more and more difficult to choose a browser these days. We've gone from a dearth of decent browsers to a pretty healthy selection. In my opinion Chrome, Firefox and Safari are running neck and neck on the usability front. An amalgam of the three would be just about perfect.

(My opinion is that Internet Explorer still stinks. In case you were wondering.)

Lightplay on the River

Lightplay on the River, originally uploaded by Thomas Gehrke.
I love the lighting in this shot. The reflections, refractions, shadows and highlights. As "busy" as it is overall, it still feels very calming to me.

Street Fighter, Tekken characters mix in two upcoming games [Ars Technica]

This is pretty cool news. Essentially we're going to get two games; a Street Fighter with Tekken characters and a Tekken with Street Fighter characters. I've always been a Tekken fan, personally, so I'm way more psyched about the latter. But who knows? Worth getting both? We'll have to wait and see.

Street Fighter, Tekken characters mix in two upcoming games

Students Aren't Allowed To Touch Real Rocks [Forbes]

Oh, for Pete's sake.

Students Aren't Allowed To Touch Real Rocks -

Missing Missy

This is brilliant! I've been where the designer has been, but I never thought to have fun like this. Maybe it's just me and my weird sense of humor, but I just laughed and laughed as I read the following.

"Yeah, thats not what I was looking for at all."

Cypress Swamp

Cypress Swamp, originally uploaded by Thomas Gehrke.
I'm finally able to do some of the things I've wanted to do for ages. The hold up (aside from my inherent laziness) has been hardware and software limitations. I'm finally to the point where I can work on these larger pieces.

This picture was compiled from 13 photos, each adjusted slightly in Lightroom 3, pulled into Photoshop CS5 for the panoramic merging and curve adjustment with a touch of detail work using the Topaz Detail 2 plugin. The result was a 1.4GB PSD file of ~16,000x4000 at 16 bit color depth.

Ultimate Status Bar: Safari Extension

For anyone using Safari 5, this is a pretty great extension. If you are used to Chrome where you only see a status bar when you are hovering over a link, this is much like that with some additional bonus features. Follow the link below to get the details and give it a try.

Home - Ultimate Status Bar: Safari Extension

Stop the MySpacification of the Internet! Please!

I am so tired of following links on this increasingly media-rich Internet of ours and having some audio or video clip automatically start playing.  It's annoying so stop it!

I am a big middle-clicker.  For those not "in the know", in browsers with tabs (pretty much all of them nowadays) a middle click typically opens the link in a new tab.  I have my browsers set to open the tab in the background because this lets me keep focused on what I was originally reading.  One pattern I follow consistently involves a Google search and then middle-clicking several of the result links on the off chance that the first one I follow is not exactly what I was looking for.  Imagine that one (or more) of those pages starts blaring some audio/video.  Now I'm left scrambling through all of the newly opened tabs to find the offending page.

Are we all so busy that clicking a play button is too much work?  Is instant gratification that important to us?  Stop the MySpacification of the Internet!  Please!

Adobe CS5 Updates

My Adobe Updater informed me of some updates this morning that relate to compatibility of CS4 custom panels in CS5 File Info dialogs.  Not something I think I care about, but maybe somebody out there does.

Doctor Who: The Doctor Who Themes [YouTube]

Unlike another of my friends (Greg), I can't say I've been a Doctor Who fan since the beginning.  Honestly, I have had a hard time watching some of the older incarnations.

However, I have always thought that the title theme was iconic.  If there has ever been an example of how music almost becomes another character in these little screenplays, this is it.  The following is a compilation of how things have evolved over the years.  With slight adjustments for the styles of the day, it has remained fairly constant.  And why not?  If it's not broken, why fix it?

Trontastic Peripherals!

I'm not sure how quickly the novelty would wear off, but I have to admit that Razer's new Tron themed mouse and keyboard are super tempting to my inner geek.  I have one friend who I'm pretty sure will join me in drooling over them.  (Right, Pat?)

RAZER™ Pulls Gamers And Fans Alike Into The TRON: LEGACY® Universe

Photos and Public Security [Popular Mechanics]

One of the things I always worry about when taking pictures is what seems to be a constant suspicion of photographers.  And because I'm worried that someone might stop me, I'm sure I end up acting conspicuously.  It's a vicious circle.


Columbia, originally uploaded by Thomas Gehrke.
As much work as Paducah (KY) has done to renovate downtown, this building, more than any other in my mind, displays the true state of this area. There is an old-style class and beauty that has fallen into disrepair with seemingly little interest in truly cleaning things up.

Don't get me wrong. I love a lot of what has been done downtown, but I just feel that much of it is superficial. There are opportunities here that are generally ignored for reasons I simply do not understand. Being the cynic that I am, I have my suspicions on why that is.

At any rate, here is a shot from this past weekend. I hope you like it.

World Builder [YouTube]

Came across this short movie.  The concept and effects are pretty cool, although the story is probably what I might call... bittersweet.  When things get too emo for you, just bail.

Otherwise it's a pretty good way to spend a few minutes.

Promising Site for Lightroom Presets

This looks like a promising site for presets for Photoshop, Aperature, Camera RAW and Lightroom (my new favorite friend).


Sony the latest company to warn about its own 3D tech

I just really think this home theater 3D technology thing is premature.  There are no standards, too many rules and caveats and not enough compelling content.

Do you think that most people really care much about 3D yet or will the be blown away by in-store demos and buy regardless?  Or maybe they will be scared off by these warnings.

Sony the latest company to warn about its own 3D tech

The Definition of IRC [YouTube]

OK.  This is why I can hardly stand to watch anything Hollywood produces that has any basis in what they imagine is "technical".  I wish they would either be close to technically correct (note that I said close, not perfect) or completely ditch reality and make up something completely original that fits their stories.  For Pete's sake, some souped up version of reality would more than impress the majority of people who watch these shows.

If WWII Were A Movie...

Truth is truly stranger than fiction.

squid314: Stuff


There were seven handicap parking spots in use in front of the building this morning.  All were occupied by mid to full-sized pickup trucks.  Something just doesn't add up.

Textures of Summer

Textures of Summer, originally uploaded by Thomas Gehrke.

The bark was great and converting the image to black and white using the "infrafred filter" in Lightroom 3 really brings out the texture of the trunk and branches while downplaying the leaves.

Well, I like it at least. :)

The Best and Strangest Views of Solar Eclipses from Space [Gizmodo]

Science and photography make great partners. The video of the moon traveling in front of the sun is neat. But it's the shadow of the moon as seen on the Earth from space that really gives me shivers. It looks ominous like something from a disaster movie. No special effects budget necessary.

The Best and Strangest Views of Solar Eclipses from Space

More GT5 Goodness You'll Flip For [Joystiq]

I reeeeeeeally can't wait for Gran Turismo 5 to come out.  Forza 3 was a surprise and I don't know what I would have done if I didn't have it to feed my need for speed in the interim.  However I always have been a Gran Turismo fanyboy and I probably always will be.  Unless someone really screws things up.

Why Tabs are on Top in Firefox 4 [YouTube]

I love UI (user interface) design topics.  I bought in to the whole tabs-on-top thing before, but watching this really solidifies my opinion.

Even if you disagree, it is still a very interesting look into some of the thinking that goes into many of the software design decisions that largely go unnoticed (as it should be).

YouTube - Why Tabs are on Top in Firefox 4

Into The Unknown

Into The Unknown, originally uploaded by Thomas Gehrke.
No fake lens blurs this time. I love how the combination of the depth of field and the distortion from the heat coming off the tracks makes the background look surreal. All I needed to do was a couple of minor level adjustments and then I added the vignette.

I'm thinking this might work well as a black and white print also.

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Update (12.0.1)

There is an update for Photoshop CS5.  One of the noted changes is improved performance.  And you know we always want better performance.

So go get it!

Where Do I Get My EBooks?

This is a topic I've been struggling with myself since I got my iPad.  Between the straight up book apps/stores and the comic book apps, buying content seems like a much bigger choice than just getting something to read.  It feels more like committing to an app or platform.

I have more thoughts on this, but the linked Gizmodo article makes a good argument for sticking with Kindle books from Amazon.

Why I Only Buy Kindle Books