On The Road Again...

Sitting at the gate and waiting for my flight out of Dulles International.  Had a great trip visiting the Microsoft Technology Center in Reston, VA.  The topic of discussion was SharePoint 2010 and boy does it look great!  Be on the lookout for upcoming posts on what I like (and don't like) about the new version.

St. Louis Courthouse Miniature

Playing with more shots from St. Louis. Originally 2 shots (foreground and background), I merged them into one longer shot. This seemed perfectly suited for a tilt-shift take.

Rather than simply doing a gradient lens blur, I took some time to create a depth map in an attempt to get something a bit more realistic looking. I am not entirely happy with the results, but do feel as though I am homing in on a reasonable technique.

Why You Can’t Work at Work | Jason Fried | Big Think

I have been saying this for years and it has pretty much earned me the reputation for being anti-social. Now I'm not saying that I am not anti-social. Just that I should not earn that label based on my opinion in this particular area. ;)

Why You Can’t Work at Work | Jason Fried | Big Think

St. Louis Arch

St. Louis Arch - 01, originally uploaded by Thomas Gehrke.
Posting more shots from St. Louis. Personally, I think the Arch is one of the most beautiful monuments I've ever seen. It's so shiny.

Saint Louis Miniature

Saint Louis Miniature, originally uploaded by Thomas Gehrke.
I took this with a tilt shift in mind. Turned out not-so-bad for a first attempt. Makes a decent iPhone wallpaper at least. ;)

The A-Team

New movie trailer up! You know you want it. I know I sure do!

Don't you love it when a plan comes together?

The A-Team - Movie Trailers - iTunes