The End Of The Year 2010

Well another year has passed and the things many of us wanted to do at the beginning of the year have either been completed, are partially done or have been completely forgotten about.

One of my personal goals was to get my online presence more firmly established.  I am a geek after all, and one would assume I have the "street cred" to back that up.  No blog?  No Twitter?  No way!  So I think I've done an adequate job working towards that end.

My goal for 2011 is to kick things into a higher gear with more personally created content like editorials and tutorials.  Maybe even include some video.  And maybe some merch.  Who's up for some digital monkey love?  (Don't answer that!)

Regardless, if you read the blog as either a regular or someone who just happened upon it, I thank you and would love to hear more from you either through the blog comments system or via @tomgehrke on Twitter.

Except for you (and you know who you are).

So even though this is a little early...