Mazda Design Change [AutoWeek]

I am something of an automotive enthusiast. While I'm not the kind that can tell you the displacement of a 1972 Dodge Whatchamacallit, I like to look at, read about and pretend to drive cars.

I also have an artsy side (in a totally masculine way, of course) and I have a deep appreciation for a car's appearance.

The past few years I've noticed that the most head-turning vehicles (and I'm talking more about standard day-to-day drivers) have come from Japan. Mainly Nissan and Mazda. One thing I did not realize until I saw this article from AutoWeek is that Mazda has a named "design philosophy". In retrospect, I should not be surprised by this.

So begins the transition from "Nagare" (flow) to kodo (soul of motion). And based on the Shinari concept (pictured above), it's right up my alley. (With the exception of the corner "intakes" in the front fascia.  Ew.)

Race on to the AutoWeek site to read more!

After much hype (and one van), Mazda rethinks design plan