Welcome to the Future: Introducing eLEGS

I have been a little slow in posting things for my "Welcome to the Future" (WttF) articles where I try to point out things that may seem somewhat normal today, but which just a few years ago were the stuff of science fiction.  So when I came across the following announcement from Berkeley Bionics, thought it was interesting and then considered just moving on, I had second thoughts.

Now any of us who were around during the 70's probably remember the Bionic Man (and spin-offs).  An astronaut has an accident and parts of his body are replaced with mechanical components.  So we aren't quite there yet, but cross that concept with what we're seeing in the Iron Man movies of today and you end up with some pretty cool technology just the same.

This started out with military applications such as HULC, but there are some day-to-day, quality of life applications as well.  The following video was not only interesting from a technology standpoint, but you can really see how it impacts people who "yesterday" had little to no hope for ever walking again.

Introducing eLEGS – see the personal exoskeleton in action | Berkeley Bionics