TinkerTool Updated

TinkerTool is a utility for Macs that allows you to easily configure hidden OS features.  It's pretty handy even if you only use it for one or two things.  Here is a rundown of the latest changes.
  • Added preference for Snow Leopard and iTunes 10 to use a standard window with title bar and horizontal buttons for controlling iTunes.
  • Added preference for Apple Mail to prefer the plain text alternative when displaying messages.
  • Added preference for the Dock of Leopard and Snow Leopard to automatically hide all other applications when using the Dock to switch to or launch an application.
  • Added preference for Safari 4 and 5 to disable all RSS features.
  • Changed the layout of the General pane to enhance compatibility with small screens. The Dashboard settings have moved from the General to the Applications pane.
  • Changed the layout of the Snow Leopard pane to enhance compatibility with small screens.
  • Enhanced compatibility with Safari 5.
  • Corrected a problem where reactivation of deactivated login items was not working as expected in Leopard and Snow Leopard.
You can find a complete change log here - TinkerTool: What's new?

Personally, it's worth the download just to put those iTunes buttons back where they belong.

So go get it!