ENHANCE! [Gizmodo]

One of my pet peeves in movies and TV is where the Authorities are reviewing video footage to find clues regarding the perpetration of some crime.  Invariably, the local cameras have been taken out, but the criminals neglected to account for the convenience store camera across the street.

So with this grainy, low-resolution picture, the super-smart police person/detective/android points to a portion of the screen, barks out some coordinates and yells ENHANCE!  And wonder of wonders, through the magic of whatever technology is available to the Powers That Be, details are created ex nihilo.

It's enough to make one weep.

Enter Adobe with some plenoptic lens technology and this is not a completely farfetched scenario.  OK, it still is.  But this is almost as cool anway.

ENHANCE! [Gizmodo]

If you have no interest in lenses, then at least enjoy this sketch with the crew from Red Dwarf.