3D Star Wars? Are you kidding me?

The Hollywood Reporter tells us that George Lucas is planning on re-re-re-re-re-re... re... re-leasing Star Wars in 3D. Really? Because the 3D experience in Avatar proved that 3D was viable. Really? All of this despite the evidence that movies filmed for 2D and then later converted tend to... well... suck.

Is my incredulity coming through here? This is the same George Lucas who refused to release Star Wars on DVD for years after the format could be considered viable. So next year you will finally get the movies on Blu-Ray and then the following year will start the 3D super-duper, extra special, pad George's retirement fund edition releases.

I swore off the entire Lucasverse years ago. He is more than welcome to run his business however he likes, but my personal opinion is that I think he lost whatever he had years ago. I was already annoyed by the double/triple/etc. dipping that was going on back in the VHS days and the ridiculous prequels (of which I only saw Phantom Menace) and his... "reimagining" of the original three movies only cemented my disdain for the entire franchise.

Like many children of the 70's, I was a huge Star Wars fan and I have fond memories of those days. But those days are gone and there is no going back. I will mourn those days as much as any pop culture icon deserves to be mourned and move on.

OK. I'm done.

'Star Wars' saga set for 3D release starting 2012