eBook Paralysis

The linked article almost perfectly presents my concerns about eBooks (and eComics). As consumers we are being corralled into a complete publishing ecosystem. Well, maybe not complete since with the rise of "app-based computing" we are not being tying to hardware platforms. (e.g. I can read a book from Amazon in my Kindle app on my iPad.)

I recognized almost as soon as the iPad was released with the iBookstore that I was going to need to make some choices. Worst case, I would buy a book wherever I could get it and then have to remember which store that was in order to open the appropriate application to consume it.

Going with the best ecosystem would seem to be the answer, but while Amazon has the lead here, the race is still awfully close where Apple is concerned. My inability to make a choice has completely paralyzed me. I have paid money for exactly zero books or comics right now.

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