Dining Comfort

Dining Comfort
Dining Comfort, originally uploaded by Thomas Gehrke.

Jennies Diner in Ronks (Lancaster area), Pennsylvania. On an extremely hot and rainy day in August, the promise of shelter, air conditioning and a good meal is quite inviting.

Another shot taken with the iPhone 4, then "developed" in Lightroom 3 and further adjusted in Photoshop CS5 using Topaz Labs Adjust 4 and DeNoise 5 filters.

I am pretty sure I would never have taken this picture if I had been carrying my DSLR with me. I tend to keep a telephoto lens on the Canon since I am typically shooting from the car when I am visiting the parents. I would have had to have been in the road to have gotten this. Or else I would have had to have been packing other lenses with me.

The upgrade to the iPhone 4 has been well worth it in my book.