Stop the MySpacification of the Internet! Please!

I am so tired of following links on this increasingly media-rich Internet of ours and having some audio or video clip automatically start playing.  It's annoying so stop it!

I am a big middle-clicker.  For those not "in the know", in browsers with tabs (pretty much all of them nowadays) a middle click typically opens the link in a new tab.  I have my browsers set to open the tab in the background because this lets me keep focused on what I was originally reading.  One pattern I follow consistently involves a Google search and then middle-clicking several of the result links on the off chance that the first one I follow is not exactly what I was looking for.  Imagine that one (or more) of those pages starts blaring some audio/video.  Now I'm left scrambling through all of the newly opened tabs to find the offending page.

Are we all so busy that clicking a play button is too much work?  Is instant gratification that important to us?  Stop the MySpacification of the Internet!  Please!