What? Me Blog?!

Yes, I know.  Blogging is so five-years-ago.  What can I say, I'm just not a bleeding-edge kind of guy.  (That was me being facetious, by the way.)

The truth is, I have made the concept of a personal blog too complicated.  I have many different interests and I felt that I needed to write about just one of them.  Buy why limit myself?  If you are here reading this, then that means that you share at least one of my interests and maybe you can get something useful out of whatever it is I am writing about.  Even if it is simply a few seconds of distraction from whatever else it is you may have going on.

I have also noticed that in my day-to-day searches for information, whether it be work related or not, a large amount of knowledge is available in blog postings across this vast and noisy Interweb.  So this will be my contribution to that.

Let's start this experiment right now.


  1. And it took me a week to figure out that this place exists. All the pieces were there, I just didn't put them together.


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